Bilde av Karlsen, Truls
Bilde av Karlsen, Truls
Department of Physics and Technology

Truls Karlsen

PhD Student / Earth Observation

Job description

I study Arctic sea ice from SAR with different radar frequencies (L- and C-band). My interests include the temporal evolution of the SAR signal, influence of snow on backscatter and separation of different ice types.

  • Anna Malin Kristin Johansson, Truls Thorsen Karlsen, Johannes Philipp Lohse :
    On the use of the polarization difference to separate young from deformed sea ice in L- and C-band SAR
    IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium proceedings 2024
  • Jeffery M. Welker, Ben G. Kopec, Eric Klein, Julia Muchowski, Timo Pekka Vihma, Paul Zeiger et al.:
    Water Isotope measurements contribute to the understanding of atmospheric, sea ice, ocean interactions during the ArtofMelt expedition, Fram Strait, spring 2023
  • Leif E.B. Eriksson, Denis Demchev, Timo Pekka Vihma, Bin Cheng, Truls Thorsen Karlsen, Anna Malin Kristin Johansson :
    Sea ice dynamics - Initial results from ARTofMELT
  • Thibault Desjonquères, Leif Eriksson, Anna Malin Kristin Johansson, Denis Demchev, Truls Thorsen Karlsen, Timo Vihma et al.:
    Sea ice drift and wave pattern analysis of the early melt onset during the ARTofLMELT cruise 2023
  • Anna Malin Kristin Johansson, Truls Thorsen Karlsen, Alexander Komarov, Randall Scharien, Denis Demchev, Leif E. Eriksson et al.:
    Sea ice satellite backscatter evolution using L- and C-band SAR
  • Leif E. Eriksson, Denis Demchev, Truls Thorsen Karlsen, Anna Malin Kristin Johansson, Timo Pekka Vihma, Bin Cheng et al.:
    WP9 sea ice dynamics
  • Truls Karlsen, Malin Johansson, Johannes Lohse, Wolfgang Dierking :
    Arctic sea ice monitoring using C- and L-band SAR – how multi-frequency SAR can support a changing Arctic
  • Anna Malin Kristin Johansson, Truls Thorsen Karlsen, Randall K. Scharien :
    Improved Arctic sea ice classification and thickness mapping using a multi-sensor approach

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    Research interests

    My research interests include SAR, machine learning, data analysis and the cryosphere in general


    Autumn 2022, 2023: FYS-3023 (teaching assistant)

    Spring 2023: FYS-3001 (teaching assistant)

    Member of research group