Bilde av van Gerven, Tim
Bilde av van Gerven, Tim
Department of Archaeology, History, Religious Studies and Theology +4777645798 You can find me here

Tim van Gerven

Associate Professor of Nineteenth-Century History

Job description

My research is concerned with Scandinavian national movements in a wider transnational, European perspective. I am especially interested in pan-nationalism and its impact on the formulation of national identities. I do not exclusively focus on Scandinavism/Scandinavianism, but also include Pan-Germanism, Greater Netherlandism, Pan-Slavism, Pan-Latinism, Turanism, Pan-Celticism and Anglosaxonism. 

  • Tim van Gerven :
    Constructive forgetting and reconciliatory memory in nineteenth-century historical fiction A comparative perspective on Scandinavianism, pan-Germanism and Greater Netherlandism
    Routledge 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Tim van Gerven :
    Scandinavism: Overlapping and Competing Identities in the Nordic World, 1770-1919
    Brill Academic Publishers 2022
  • Tim van Gerven :
    Scandinavism through Dutch and Flemish Eyes
    Scandinavian Journal of History 2023 DOI

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    Publications outside Cristin


    Scandinavism. Overlapping and Competing Identities in the Nordic World, 1770-1919. Leiden & Boston: Brill, 2022. Awarded the Nordic History Book Award 2022. 


    Articles/Book Chapters

    "Het verschroeide jasje van de lucht-zeiler - Enkele merkwaardige episodes uit de Deense luchtvaartgeschiedenis, 1805-1811." In Vagebond. Festschrift Henk van der Liet, edited by Suze van der Poll & Arjen Versloot: 52-66. Amsterdam, 2022. 

    "Scandinavism: Wiring Nationalism in the North." Romanticism: Journal for the Studies of Romanticisms 9 (2020): 125-130.

    "Is Nordic Mythology Nordic or National, or Both? Competing National Appropriations of Nordic Mythology in Early Nineteenth-Century Scandinavia." In Northern Myths, Modern Identities, edited by Simon Halink: 49-70. Leiden & Boston: Brill, 2019. 

    "Whose Tordenskjold? The Fluctuating Identities of an Eighteenth-Century Naval Hero in Nineteenth-Century Cultural Nationalisms." Romanticism: Journal for the Studies of Romanticisms 7 (2018): 17-46.

    "The Copenhagen Question of 1800: Tracing the Intellectual Roots of Cultural Scandinavism." In Skandinavismen. Visjon og virkning, edited by Ruth Hemstad, Jes Fabricius Møller & Dag Thorkildsen: 21-44. Odense: Syddansk Universitetsforlag, 2018. 

    Museum Catalogue

    (with Henk van der Liet). "Paradox van de Deense Gouden Eeuw." In Paradox van de Deense Gouden Eeuw, edited by Thijs de Raedt: 11-58. Zwolle: Waanders Uitgevers, 2021.

    Research interests

    • Nationalism
    • Pan-nationalism/macronationalism
    • Scandinavism/Scandinavianism
    • Cultural memory studies
    • Historicism
    • Literary History
    • National heroes


    Course coordinator

    • HIS-3003: Historieteori
      HIS-3028: Nasjonale helter, nasjonsbygging og minnekultur

    Other courses

    HIS-1201: Norge og verden før 1750