Bilde av Castle, Chloe Michelle
Bilde av Castle, Chloe Michelle
Department of Language and Culture +4777648366 Tromsø SVHUM A 2015

Castle, Chloe Michelle


Research interests

My research interests include multilingualism, language acquisition, language attrition, heritage and community languages, language change and variation, and Slavic linguistics. I am interested in taking a combined psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic approach to examining these research areas.

My previous research has focussed on grammatical borrowing and replication between Czech and English in two parallel communities, namely Czech South Australians and L1 English Ln Czech speakers in Prague. This research was qualitatively based, analysing naturalistic observational data and semi-structured interviews. I have also worked on language planning and policy, analysing and providing recommendations for improved linguistic accessibility for government services.

My current research as part of the ADIM project focuses on morphosyntactic crosslinguistic influence in L3 and Ln acquisition. The languages ​​involved are English, Norwegian, Polish and artificial languages. The primary features being investigated are morphological cases and articles.

Member of research group

SVHUM A 2015

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