Bilde av Bernabeu, Pablo
Bilde av Bernabeu, Pablo
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Pablo Bernabeu

Postdoctoral fellow

Job description

After doing a research master's, I became a PhD student and graduate teaching assistant in Psychology at Lancaster University. In my thesis, I investigated how conceptual processing—that is, the comprehension of the meaning of words—is supported by linguistic and sensorimotor brain systems, and how research on this topic is influenced by methodological aspects such as the operationalisation of variables and the sample size of experiments.

Currently, I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Language and Culture, and specifically within the PoLaR Lab and the AcqVA Aurora CentreAs a member of the LESS Project (Language Economy through Transfer Source Selectivity), I investigate how language learners coordinate several languages ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​early in the acquisition process, how this process is influenced by the characteristics of the languages, and how the process is reflected in the brain. Earlier, I also worked part-time as a data analyst in the CLICK Project (Cross-Linguistic Influence of Competing Knowledge), which investigates multilingualism in heritage speakers.

I am also interested in other topics, such as the origins and evolution of language, and the relationship between language and other cognitive domains. Throughout my research, I have used methods such as behavioural and electroencephalographic experiments, corpus analysis, statistics and programming.

The materials from my research are available at


In addition to my publications, I have shared some short essays, tutorials, presentations, and functions for data analysis in R, such as the following ones.

Last, I have developed a few web applications, such as the following ones.

  • Pablo Bernabeu, Richard Tillman :
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    Language and sensorimotor simulation in conceptual processing: Multilevel analysis and statistical power
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  • Pablo Bernabeu, R. M. WIllems, M. M. Louwerse :
    Modality switch effects emerge early and increase throughout conceptual processing: Evidence from ERPs
  • Pablo Bernabeu :
    Modality switches occur early and extend late in conceptual processing: Evidence from ERPs
  • Pablo Bernabeu :
    Language evolution: Current status and future directions
    2015 FULLTEKST

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