Bilde av Wu, Zhenming
Bilde av Wu, Zhenming
Department of Electrical Engineering

Zhenming Wu

Postdoctoral researcher (C4270)

Job description

Postdoctoral researcher working on SHIPTRACK project

  • Zhenming Wu, Pål Gunnar Ellingsen, Haiying Jia, Roar Os Ådland :
    Tracking volume change of the bulk commodities with interferometric SAR
    IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium proceedings 2023 ARKIV / DOI

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    Research interests

    • Radar remote sensing
    • Climate change 
    • Peatland carbon emission monitoring 
    • Image processing



    Gee, D., Sowter, A., Athab, A., Grebby, S., Wu, Z. , & Boiko, K. (2023). Remote monitoring of minewater rebound and environmental risk using satellite radar interferometry. Science of The Total Environment, 857, 159272.

    Zhong, W., Chu, T., Tissot, P., Wu, Z. , Chen, J., & Zhang, H. (2022). Integrated coastal subsidence analysis using InSAR, LiDAR, and land cover data. Remote Sensing of Environment, 282, 113297.

    Xie, M., Zhao, L., Wu, X., Tian, ​​L., Yue, G., Zhou, H., & Wu , Z. (2020). Seasonal variations of nitrogen in permafrost-affected soils of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Catena, 195, 104793.

    Wu, Z. , Zhao, L., Liu, L., Zhu, R., Gao, Z., Qiao, Y., Xie, M. (2018). Surface-deformation monitoring in the
    permafrost regions over the Tibetan Plateau, using Sentinel-1 data. Sciences in Cold and Arid Regions,