Bilde av Durazzano, Tiziana
Bilde av Durazzano, Tiziana
Department of Arctic and Marine Biology +4777648376 You can find me here

Tiziana Durazzano

PhD Student

Job description

Functional traits are those attributes of an individual that influence how it interacts with the abiotic and biotic environment thus linking its characteristics with its ecological role. In my project, I am focusing on the functional traits of copepods to understand their community structure and their ecological role in the Arctic pelagic ecosystem. The project will address different research questions:

o   Functional groups: describing the copepod ecological niches;

o   Biogeography of traits: investigating how traits are distributed geographically;

o   Relation to vertical carbon fluxes: analysing functional traits influencing the vertical export of carbon in the water column.


  • Tiziana Durazzano, Camilla Svensen, Janne E. Søreide, André W. Visser, Haakon Hop :
    From Polar Night to Midnight Sun: Exploring Functional Diversity of Copepods in the northern Barents Sea

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