Bilde av Kumazawa Morais, Daniel
Bilde av Kumazawa Morais, Daniel
The Norwegian College of Fishery Science

Daniel Kumazawa Morais

Senior Engineer in Bioinformatics

Job description

My work helps to guide the use of metabarcoding data for describing changes in community structures. Using Linux-based bioinformatics solutions and the R language to build data analysis pipelines and customize data exploration strategies. My expertise in molecular ecology and bioinformatics I help researchers to apply computing solutions to complex biological data.


  • Federica D'Alò, Laura Zucconi, Silvano Onofri, Fabiana Canini, Nicoletta Cannone, Francesco Malfasi et al.:
    Effects of 5-year experimental warming in the Alpine belt on soil Archaea: Multi-omics approaches and prospects
    Environmental Microbiology Reports 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Jon Garrastatxu, Iñaki Odriozola, Raquel Esteban, Manuel Encinas-Valero, Daniel Kumazawa Morais, Tomáš Větrovský et al.:
    Fungal symbionts associate with holm oak tree health in declining oak savannas of the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula
    Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Applied Soil Ecology 2023 DOI

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