Bilde av Tiryakiol, Selim
Bilde av Tiryakiol, Selim
Department of Language and Culture +4741191257

Selim Tiryakiol

Postdoctoral Researcher

Job description

Selim Tiryakiol is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow (Capacity, Opportunity and Desire in Heritage Language Variation) at the Department of Language and Culture at UiT. His research focuses on heritage language acquisition, in particular the role of individual and social variables in acquisition. His current MSCA project aims to test the (interrelated) hypotheses that: (i) heritage language (HL) competence is affected not only by quantity of input but also quality of input; (ii) community center engagement (CCE) in childhood and adulthood can offer HL input and use opportunities that are qualitatively and quantitatively richer and more varied from what HSs encounter in their wider community;and (iii) the nature of CCE matters significantly in HL competence and maintenance across individuals and generations.

Research interests

heritage speaker bilingualism; child language acquisition; acquisition of morphosyntax; roles and weights of linguistic and extra-linguistic factors in development/processing/ultimate attainment; variation across bi/multilinguals