Department of Archaeology, History, Religious Studies and Theology theodor.s.rolfsen@uit.no 77644322 TROM BRELIA N 330

Rolfsen, Theodor Sandal

PhD Research Fellow in Theology

Publications outside Cristin

"Nietzsche and Hope" - Presentation of article at Nordic Systematic Theology Conference, January 2019

"Nietzsche and Phenomenology" - Presentation of article at doctoral seminar arranged by International Network in Philosophy of Religion, May 2019

"Wisdom of Love - The reversal of philosophia in Levinas, and the return to Platonism ‘in our way’" - Presentation of article at the conference Love: Contemporary Perspective in Literature, Philosophy, and Theology, September 2019

Research interests

Theodor has an MA-degree in philosophy from the University of Bergen. He is interested in the question of how to understand and describe religious experience in the 21st century, as well as the question of the relationship between phenomenology and theology. He is also interested in the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche. 

Theodor is a part of the research group Phenomenology and Bodies of Knowledge and the research network INPR (International Network in Philosophy of Religion)


Theodor teaches e.g. hermeneutics and secularization theory

Member of research group


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