Course syllabus: where to find reading lists

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General information

The reading lists are updated and available at the beginning of each semester at UiT.

The reading lists give students access to course readings via Course Catalogue, Canvas or Leganto, including recommended books, articles, lab works, fieldtrips and webpages. Lecturers, tutors and programme coordinatoras can quickly and easily create and update reading lists, and students can comment, collaborate and create purchase or borrow own collections.

The reading list information is automatically sent to the Library who ensure that collections match lists, and who purchase recommended materials where required.

You can search your course in the online Course Catalogue on the university's website where you can find information about the course description and reading lists.

If the reading list is not published in the Course Catalogue, you must contact the exchange/programme coordinator responsible for the course at the faculty.


    Canvas is a web-based learning environment so that students can access the site from any computer that has internet access. It is also a platform that teachers can use to access reading lists, send notes, homework, presentations, guidance, etc. to whole classes.

  • How to access CANVAS

    To access Canvas, you must have activated your Student IT account (see menu #1) and registered for the semester via the Student Web.

    For technical inquries and support, please contact

  • What is Leganto?

    Leganto is a new reading list management system at UiT. The Business School and the Institute for Social Sciences are currently piloting this platform in a number of programmes of study and courses. If your course/programme is using Leganto, then this will be one of your primary source for reading lists. Please note that all units at UiT will publish their reading lists Leganto from Spring semester 2019 onwards.

  • How to access LEGANTO

    To access Leganto, you must have activated your Student IT account (see menu #1) and registered for the semester via the Student Web.

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