autumn 2019
MBI-3011 Literature study with thesis and oral presentation - 10 ECTS

Last changed 04.03.2020

Type of course

This course is reserved for students enrolled in the Master's degree programs in Biomedicine.

The course cannot be taken as a singular course.

Course content

This is a course for students enrolled in the Master of Science program in Biomedicine/Medical laboratory science at the Department of Medical Biology.   On the basis of a given topic the student will undertake a literature search to find out what has been written on a certain matter/topic in international journals. The course includes writing a thesis based on a problem description within a specified topic. The supervisor of the course is the same person who will supervise the student at his/her masters degree project. The topic is chosen by the student together with the supervisor, and the supervisor makes the problem statement within this topic. The student is expected to find literature equivalent to approx. 200 pages from advanced text books and original scientific publications. The student is supposed to work out a thesis of 10-15 pages based on this literature. The thesis has to include a clear problem description, presentation of the scientific publications that is used and an independent discussion. A correct reference list is required. The thesis is not to be a copy of part of the introduction in the master degree thesis, but might give deeper understanding of a chosen topic from this introduction. The subject material should then be presented by the student as a seminar with an examiner present. The presentation should last for 45 minutes (40 minutes with lecture and 5 minutes for questions). The target group for the presentation is other masters' degree students in biomedicine. The presentation is public and will be announced at the Department of medical biology.

Objectives of the course

Objective of the course

Knowledge. After completion of the course, the student have increased their knowledge:  

  • On a specific topic in relation to their Master Thesis
  • On how to read, understand, and give a summary of the topic


Skills. The student should learn to:

  • find scientific literature on a given subject with relevance to his/her master degree project.
  • extract necessary information from different sources (advanced textbooks, scientific articles and reviews) and design two different presentations of the material.
  • present the collected material in a short written thesis, and be able to give an oral presentation of the collected material.


Expertise. After completion of the course, the student are able to:

  • write a literature review of a given topic.
  • give an oral presentation of a literature review.

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

A subject will be presented by the supervisor. Students work independently with their writing and construction of the oral presentation. Supervision will be given during the literature search, writing process, and preparations of the oral presentation.   1h lecture on academic writing, use of references etc.


Coursework requirements: The thesis must be approved before the oral presentation. Should the student fail the coursework requirements, or miss the deadline, he/she will have to do the course over again next time the course runs. The student will then be presented with a new topic, and cannot re-use their original project. 

The thesis and the oral presentation will be assessed together. The deadline for the thesis submission will be one week before the oral presentation.

The presentation will be announced at the faculty one week before the examination date. There will be one date for the presentation in the autumn semester (week 50) and one date in the spring semester (week 21). The dates for the presentations will be announced at the start of each semester. Grade type: Alphabetical grades (A-F) 

If a student is unable to present his/her project due to valid reasons, a postponed examination will be arranged at the earliest convenience. There will not be arranged a re-sit exam for this course. If a student should fail his/her presentation he/she will be presented with a new topic, and must do the examination next time the course runs.

  • About the course
  • Campus: Tromsø |
  • ECTS: 10
  • Course code: MBI-3011