Travel and Tourism Management - one year programme



The Travel and Tourism Management programme (TTM) is presently under academic development. There will be no admission to the Travel and Tourism Management (online programme) in 2019.



This is a 1,5 year joint programme offered in cooperation with UiT The Arctic University of Norway, LAPIN AMK Lapland University of Applied Sciences and NarFU Northern Arctic Federal University. Highly qualified lecturers from the three partners will be teaching and supervising students thus securing an international profile particularly focus on the Arctic area.
The programme offers an introduction to travel and tourism management, the phenomena of tourism and the tourism business. Heritage, cultural tourism and eco-tourism are other important topics of interest for tourism industry in vulnerable areas. Tourism is also runnning business in a sustainable way, as well as topics such as business administration, strategic planning and service marketing.

Duration:3 Semesters
Location: Harstad
Credits (ECTS):60
Admission requirements:Higher Education Entrance Qualification and certified language requirements in English
Application deadline:<p>The Travel and Tourism Management programme (TTM) is presently under academic development. There will be no admission to the Travel and Tourism Management (online programme) in 2019. </p><p> </p><p>1 December</p>
Application code:2071

Travel and Tourism Management - online programme/nettbasert is a one year programme that consist of three modules:

TRATT: Introduction to Tourism Management (15 ECTS):

This course provides an introduction to tourism, both as an industry and as an academic subject. It will explain tourism as a phenomenon by approaching it via various subjects and their traditions, notions and models. The course will describe tourism as a national as well as international industry.


  • Tourism as a phenomenon and as an industry
  • The history of tourism
  • Destinations and destination development
  • Attractions and attraction development
  • The tourism product
  • Travel patterns and tourists behaviour
  • Tourist market
  • Environmental, cultural and economical impacts of tourism on nature, humans and society
  • International tourism and trends

TRABA: Business administration and strategic marketing (15 ECTS):

The aim of this course is to develop the competences needed in cross-border business in travel and hospitality in Arctic regions, such as service-mindedness, internationalization, service management, business know-how, innovativeness, ethics and service environments. The aim is also to deepen cultural awareness via cooperation and hospitality including esthetical and ethical aspects, and also the utilisation of cultural characteristics in service activities. The purpose is to study and analyse the Barents Region as a learning environment from an entrepreneurial perspective.

  • Contents
  • Entrepreneurship in travel and hospitality in the Barents Region
  • Management of a travel and hospitality enterprise
  • Marketing in travel and hospitality
  • Cultural and hospitality awareness as a resource: making value for the customer
  • Financial and strategic planning

TRAPRO: Project work with research methodology /thesis: 

The topic of the thesis is optional. However, the topic must be related to the modules of the programme, and must be approved. The participants must apply an expedient method to solve the chosen thesis statement. The assessment of the project thesis will emphasise the relevance and currency of the thesis statement for the participant. The project thesis will also be assessed on the basis of the professional and methodological quality of the work, and the extent to which the thesis fulfils the requirements of literature and source documentation. Finally, the project thesis will also be assessed on the basis of the expediency of the chosen methods in yielding insight into, and answers to, the problems discussed.

TRAHE: Heritage and sustainable tourism

On completion of this module the students will have an understanding of the concepts of cultural tourism and ecotourism. With a knowledge of the main principles of the complexity of heritage and ecotourism, in combination with commodification, interpretation and marketing, the students will be able to understand and develop cultural and heritage assets in tourism.


  • Concept of cultural tourism and ecotourism
  • Tourism, globalisation and authenticity
  • Cultural tourism and heritage management
  • Tangible and intangible heritage
  • Heritage interpretation
  • Commodification, heritage and cultural products
  • Impacts of ecotourism and cultural tourism
  • Environmental and cultural assets
  • Who are cultural tourists?
  • Marketing of heritage and cultural tourism

The aim of the programme is to provide the students with an understanding of how the travel and tourism industry works, and to acquire knowledge of important topics for the industry today and in the future in order to develop a sustainable travel and tourism industry for the environment, the local communities and the economy. 

The programme targets students who are studying or who wish to study travel and tourism, as well as people who are already working within this field. The programme may also constitute a part of a Bachelor's Degree. This is a part time programme of study yielding 60 ECTS over a period of one and a half years. The programme is suitable for those working in the industry/or aspiring to work within the induustry, as well as for students enrolled in other study programmes.

The Travel and Tourism Management programme (TTM) is presently under academic development. There will be no admission to the Travel and Tourism Management (online programme) in 2019.


Basic entrance requirements for Higher Education Entrance Qualification in Norway and certified language requirements in English. Admission requirements will differ according to the student's country of origin.

The programme will be held on condition of enough applicants.

The final grade in each course will be based on the compulsory papers (individual or groups) and the exam.
The lectures will be given online normally, once a week (2-3 hrs) with lecturers from partners institutions. The lectures will be streamed and available for students to access throughout the whole programme period, however, students are strongly advised to attend the lectures to fully benefit from the course's real-time interaction.
The programme qualifies the student for positions in marketing, attraction development and leader positions in both small and medium sized companies within the fields of travel and tourism.


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