Norwegian Language and Society for Foreign Students - one year programme

Studenter Narvik

This 60 ects study does not require any prior knowledge of Norwegian. The programme is primarily intended for foreign students who wish to qualify for further studies at university level, but it is also open for applicants who need a Norwegian language certificate. Completing this study is equivalent to taking "Bergenstesten".

Duration:1 Years
Location: Narvik
Credits (ECTS):60
Admission requirements:General entry requirements
Application deadline:15 May
Application code:9010

The study is designed for full-time students and requires dedication and hard work due to a very rapid progression. While continuously focusing on language learning, students are also introduced to Norwegian civilization, history and literature. Working in groups with a project in the second semester, is an important part of the study and gives the students valuable experience with this work method.

By the end of the study students are expected to be able to communicate well in writing and in speech in addition to having acquired a certain overview of Norwegian civilisation, history and literature. The study ultimately aims to provide students with the necessary language skills and knowledge to study or work in Norway.

The applicant must have completed the general entry requirements for the University. This includes a level of proficiency in English that is appropriate for the main course. There is no requirement for prior knowledge of the Norwegian language. 

The program has conditional admission to applicants who will study one of our other studies at the IVT faculty after completion of this course.

The study consists of four parts: basic language, phonetics, civilisation and literature. In both semesters there are 16 weekly sessions. After each daily class, the students have to take part in discussion groups with other foreign students and develop experience with group leadership and report writing.

Students are obliged to attend all lectures. Students with more than 20% absence do not qualify for the final examination.

Teaching will alternate between lectures, group work, doing exercises and homework. Tests will be given at regular intervals. All "work to be submitted" is obligatory.

In the second semester, the students will work on a project on a given theme and within a time limit of three weeks. Students have the option of choosing their own subject matter, but tutorial and practical guidance will be provided regardless. The written result from this work must be approved in order to qualify for the final examination.

Examination takes place in the spring semester and consists of three written exams, which are held in February, March/April and May, followed by an oral examination. The third exam counts 50% whereas the two previous ones count for 25% each. In cases of doubt, the grade of the final exam will determine the final grade. This grade can then be adjusted by means of an oral exam.

Requirements for exam entry: An approved attendance record and an approved project. The written exam must be passed in order to qualify for an oral exam.

The first two exams are censored internally. Approximately a third of the final exam is evaluated by an external censor. All oral exams are externally censored.

Initially English is used, but gradually Norwegian will be the main language.


Jenssen, Tor-Arne

Phone: +4776966159 Mobile: 99548438


Eilertsen, Randi Bolle

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