Negotiations and peacebuilding around the world

I graduated from the Master’s in Peace and Conflict Transformation (MPCT) program in 2011, and went on to finish my PH.D at the Centre for Peace Studies (CPS) in 2016. During this time, the CPS’ focus on interdisciplinary and academic freedom were key to my learning and career development. The interdisciplinary approach at the CPS allowed to me to develop the ability to think systemically and understand the perspectives, needs, and incentives of a broad range of individuals, groups, and institutions. When combined with CPS’s commitment to academic freedom, the interdisciplinary approach at the CPS allowed to me to develop innovative research projects that would be not be possible within the bounds of a more strictly defined disciplinary program. These unique research and learning opportunities were further complimented by partnerships that the CPS holds with other institutions in the research, peace, and development sectors. The CPS helped creat a professional network that continues to open doors for me in my work today. After finishing at the CPS, I joined Folke Bernadotte Academy -  Swedish Agency for Peace, Security, and Development, where I support negotiations and peacebuilding around the world, contribute to policy development in various international institutions, and work to integrate research efforts into all aspects of the agency’s work.