GENI Elective Courses Fall 2021


All of the following courses are eligible for use as electives in the GENI program.

Note that some of these have particular educational prerequisites. For your personal eligibility to take these courses, please carefully read the linked course description, particularly under the headings “Type of course” and “Admission requirements.” Some require you to contact the course administrator for permission to enroll.

The courses listed as potential electives are only acceptable if it can be demonstrated that the course relates to your thesis. Please contact Jonathan via email ( if one of them interests you.

Other English-language UiT courses at the master’s level (identifiable by their 3XXX number) might also be possible. Please feel free to browse the complete course listing ( and consult with Jonathan if you find something interesting.

Elective requirements:

  • Students who began the program prior to 2019 require 20 ECTS of “Group B” electives.
  • Students who began in Fall 2019 or later require only 5 ECTS.


These courses may be located at various UiT campuses. Note that this semester, many courses normally offered on on-campus are being offered online as well. This may be a great opportunity to take a course which would otherwise be unavailable to you. Please contact the relevant instructor to enquire about taking a course remotely. If the course page does not indicate the instructor, please let Iselin or Jonathan know.


Pre-Approved Electives

Potential Electives

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