About us – Department of Health and Care Sciences

About us – Department of Health and Care Sciences

The Department has around 1,200 students and 140 full-time equivalents, and provides a wide range of health studies for basic and continuing education and for Master's degrees. The Department aims to provide education and carry out professional developmental work and research within its field. The three-year basic study programmes provide students with a Bachelor's degree which in turn qualifies them for admission to further education and a Master's study programme.

The Department management comprises the Head of Department, two Deputy Heads of Department, the Head of Office and eight senior positions within the individual study programmes (four Bachelor study programmes, seven further educational programmes and two Master's study programmes).

The Department's administration comprises personnel who work with examinations, personnel, finance, study-related issues, internationalisation and internships for students.

The Department's information desk on level seven of the medicine and health science building provides a front line service for students, employees, visitors and others.

The Centre for Care Research is affiliated with the Department of Health and Care Sciences.


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