Research – Department of Technology and Safety

Research – Department of Technology and Safety

At the Department of Technology and safety research is aimed towards operational and technological challenges in the High North.

Priority area of research

The main focus is on development of technology and preparedness together with elucidation of risk exposure at operational procedures in the High North.

The main objective is on providing research that can incite innovation and development for business and industry in the region. Industry partners play an important role in initiating and development of new research projects.

Research themes:

  • Operations and maintenance of complex production facilities
  • Challenges related to maritime operations in cold climate
  • Subsea sensors for oil and gas
  • Artic earth observation and surveillance technologies
  • Coastal environment, technology and innovation in the Arctic
  • Risk analysis to identity suitable technology for waste handling in the Arctic oil industry and shipping
We have 12 projects at our unit: