International Cooperation Section

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The International Cooperation Section (SIS) will support and help build UiT's international commitment.

International cooperation is central to the UiT strategy. The main players are students on mobility, researchers and employees in active collaborations, and research gropups and units with active cooperation on research and education.

The main task for SIS is to provide advise to students, researchers and academic environment/units at UiT. The main tool is the follow-up of the web portals for international cooperation: Here you may find information on student exchange, employee mobility and agreements.

SIS also runs the UiT joint service for mobility, specific service offerings for students, staff and the academic environment/units are described on the intranet.

UiT International - webportal

Joint service for mobility (Norwegian/intranett)

UiT Mobility - Researcher/Staff

UiT Student exchange

Employees at International Cooperation Section:



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