Arctic Marine System Ecology

We are a large group of researchers and students working field-based on the structure and function of marine food webs in northern Norwegian and ice-covered Arctic waters.

In our endeavour to understand the function of these high-latitude marine ecosstems, we work on a large variety of organisms, spannning from bacteria and plankton up to benthic animals, parasites, fish and marine mammals. Understanding trophic interactions between different organism groups in the water column and at the seafloor, as well as their response to various physical and climatic factors is a common interest within the group.

The Arctic Marine System Ecology group is involved in many large interdisciplinary research projects investigating the impact of climatic changes and human actions on the marine ecosystems of these high latitudes. Our diverse research group includes biological oceangraphers, marine ecologists, resource and evolution biologists, and marine ecotoxicologists.

We work field-based through research expedtitions, combined with a suit of different research methods and approaches. These include numerical modelling, experimental set-ups and modern autonomous sampling technology. 


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Group leader: Fredrika Norrbin


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