MIRG - Molecular Inflammation Research Group IKM

The Molecular Inflammation Research Group (MIRG) at the University of Tromsø (UiT) – the Arctic University of Norway is allocated to the Department of Clinical Medicine (IKM), and conducts research on cancer biology and treatment, with special emphasis on understanding the biology of the tumor stroma and the immune regulatory potential of radiotherapy.

 The Molecular inflammation Research Group at IKM currently has 9 members:  The permanent scientific staff consists of 1 Professor, 1 Assistant Professors and 1 senior researcher. The non-permanent scientific staff consists of 2 senior researchers, 1 postdoctoral fellow, 1 PhD students and 1 Master student.  

Our research aims at improving current treatment strategies in cancer by combining Radiotherapy and Immunotherapy. The group has a central interest in elucidating biological effects exerted by ionizing radiation on elements of the tumor microenvironment, and aims at exploiting this new knowledge to achieve a therapeutic synergy with immunotherapy in preclinical tumor models first and in cancer patients in a longer run.

To meet the current demands in this field, the active projects in the group aim at generating a better understanding on the local and systemic immune responses elicited by radiotherapy. In this context, the immunomodulatory roles of tumor stromal elements such as fibroblasts occupy a central place in our research strategy. A schematic diagram describing our research focus is illustrated below.