Coastal and Terrestrial Geosciences

Research within the group Coastal and Terrestrial Geosciences includes morphological, sedimentological and stratigraphic investigations of Quaternary and pre-Quaternary deposits.

Strandvoller ved Breivikeidet

Raised beach at river mouth, Breivikeidet. Photo: Geoff Corner
Current topics are deglaciation history, palaeo-climate, sea level change, landscape- and deposit processes, sequence stratigraphy and rock-forming processes. Most of the studies are based on field work on land and in coastal areas in Norway and Svalbard, but some investigations are done abroad and on the Norwegian shelf.

The research group uses several types of equipment for core sampling and geophysical equipment for investigations of sediments on land and in shallow water areas.

The sediment laboratory is equipped with various instruments and microscopes for investigations of sediments and sedimentary rock types.

More about field- and laboratory equipment (in Norwegian).

Present research activities are focusing on the following topics:

  • Sea level change and tsunamis (S. Bondevik)
  • Coast- and fjord valley deposit systems (G. Corner)
  • Sedimentological and diagenetic investigations (N.M. Hanken) 
Klatrende rifler i breelvavsetninger 

Ripple bedding in glacier stream deposits.
Photo: Geoff Corner

Kjerneprøvetaking på is Nakkevannet Core sampling from ice covered lake in the polar night.
Photo: Geoff Corner
Scientific personnel in Coastal and Terrestrial Geosciences:
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Professor II Stein Bondevik
Quaternary geology
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Assoc. Prof. Geoff Corner
Quaternary geology and sedimentology

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