Sedimentary Systems, Paleoclimates and Environments

Research within the group Sedimentary Systems, Paleoclimates and Environments includes:
1) geomorphological, sedimentological, and stratigraphic investigations of Quaternary and pre-Quaternary deposits, and 2) studies of microfossils, isotopes, and geochemical elements of Quaternary deposits.

Current research topics include:

-      deglaciation history, palaeo-climate, palaeo-oceanography,

-      palaeo-environmental reconstructions,

-      sea floor fluid flow and methane seepage,

-      post-glacial sea level change,

-      geomorphological processes,

-      marine geohazards, tsunamis

-      sequence stratigraphy

-      rock-forming processes

-      tectono-stratigraphy, source-to-sink, basin analysis and

-      numerical basin modelling and Stratigraphic Forward Modelling (SFM).

Most of the studies are based on field work on land and in coastal areas in Norway (including Svalbard) and Greenland, and marine geological cruises to the Norwegian – Greenland Sea, the Barents Sea, the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica. The research group uses state of the art equipment for their onshore and offshore studies, much of which is operated from the ice going research vessels Helmer Hanssen and Kronprins Haakon

Leader: Jan Sverre Laberg
Deputy leader: Tine Rasmussen

Isfjell ved Grønland
Isfjell ved Grønland Foto: Matthias Forwick