Clinical psychology

The Clinical Psychology Research Team consists of one professor, five associate professors, one postdoctoral fellow, seven PhD research fellows, four assistant professors, one counsellor/test technician, six clinical assistants (20% positions) at the Mental Health Clinic and Mental Health Help (Psykhjelpen), and four clinical assistants (10% and 20% positions) at Unisam. Most of the team members are specialist psychologists with considerable experience.

The main aims of the Clinical Psychology Research Team at UiT are:

  • To perform practical, clinically relevant and interdisciplinary research to enhance mental and physical health in all age groups, ethnic groups and patient groups, and for the clinical training of psychologists.
  • To conduct research that increases our knowledge of the causes of mental problems and disorders, and how these can be prevented and treated through early intervention, self-help and mastery groups, as well as different therapeutic approaches.  
  • To build research-based and future-oriented knowledge that can lead to public debate and the planning and design of health policy measures.   
  • To aim for a good dialogue with clients, other health professions, the media, the general public and especially with our students, as we believe this is central to good teaching and socially useful research.   
  • To develop good research projects to which psychology students can contribute, and which can form the basis for applications for PhD scholarships.