Marine resource economics (MRØ)

We live in a world with limited resources. Overfishing, loss of biodiversity  and habitat, global warming and ocean acidification are only some of the local and global challenges we must address in order to secure sustainable societies.  In addition to being challenges in themselves, these factors are connected with each other and how we live our lives. Bio-economic analysis, which combines economic and biological principles, can give valuable insight into these connections and give input to how we should manage the goods and services nature can provide.

Consequently, our research spans from single resources, like cod, and single industries, like the cod fisheries and the oil industry, to the relationship between industries and how they affect and are affected by the ecosystem as a whole. Additionally, we study how to capture values that are not easily detected in the market: what is a fishing trip in the midnight sun worth?



Results from Nature Value project

Information from the final seminar of Nature value project is now available here.



The latest overview of our activities, publications and projects can be found in the annual report 2015.


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