Oral Ecology

The focus of the group will cover tree centric areas in the field of Endodontology: clinical procedures, host-microbe interaction and materials related to endodontics.

Clinical Dentistry

The clinical research will focus on treatment  of deep carious lesions and  eventual pulpal exposures in adults. A multicenter, randomized clinical trial to compare two materials as a capping agent for carious pulpal exposures in adult molar is ongoing (www.ClinicalTrials.gov). 


The epidemiological survey  in Northern Norway  investigate the prevalence of deep carious lesions at the age of 18 yrs  in the entire   age cohort  born in  1993 and enrolled in the  Public Dental Health Service  in  Troms county.

The knowledge and attitudes of the dentists’ prevailing methods to treat these conditions will be examined by a questionnaire comprising all dentists in the Northern Norway. In an ongoing randomized clinical trial (RCT) a new biomaterial will be tested against the prevailing method as a capping material of exposed pulps in adults.

Endodontic materials and methods

The group will also focus on the obturation materials in endodontics  (including sealers) used in the root canal filling procedure. The shear bond strength of the material to the root canal wall dentin will be studied. The micro-CT method will be used to identify the gaps between the material and the root canal wall and to assess the efficacy of the various root canal irrigation methods. To compare the materials’ ability to resist microbial leakage, a two-chamber laboratory method is used. Species that are associated with the re-infection (e.g. Enterococcus faecalis) will deserve as test bacteria. Apart from the basic culture methods, the microbes are identified by using molecular methods (PCR and sequencing).

Molecular Oral Microbiology

The aim of our research activity is to understand the host-microbe interaction in health and disease status of oral and dental tissues. In the last years our research has focused on the presence and transferability of antibiotic resistance genes among oral bacterial.

The group shall promote research that is relevant to the region's oral health problems i.e. Northern Norway and the Barents region. The research group is to stimulate national and international applications for external funding.

The research group was established in 2013 and has members from UiT - the Artic University of Norway, the University of Oslo and the University of Turku (Finland). 

Department of clinical dentistry

Head of research group

Mohammed Al-Haroni

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