Fisheries management, harvest technology and biology (BRIDGE)

The research group BRIDGE carries out research within the following main areas:
• Fisheries management
• Fisheries biology
• Marine ecology and oceanography
• Harvest technology

The goal of BRIDGE is to provide education and research of high quality in order to advance the level of knowledge in areas that are important for fisheries management.

BRIDGE comprises long experience with carrying out research and education tasks in a highly multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary field. The members of the group have a shared interest in the management of marine resources and share responsibility for students and course portfolios.

The research group engages in extensive internal cooperation with other research groups at the faculty and at the UiT as well as in international cooperation (notably through participation in multinational EU research projects). Each group member has a considerable research network nationally and internationally.


Leader: Roger Larsen

Vice-leader: Melania Borit

E-mail: bridge (-at-) list (-dot-) uit (-dot-) no

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BRIDGE Strategy 2016-2018.

Annual reports: