Tumor Biology

The Tumor Biology Research Group conducts basic, para-clinical and clinical cancer research. The group's main focus is on oral cancer but the group members also study other types of cancer. The research group has initiated and organizes “The Norwegian Oral Cancer (NOROC) Study”, a national study that includes the four head- and neck cancer centers in Norway.  The NOROC study comprises several sub-projects on etiology, prognostic markers and inflammation in oral cancer, as well as on treatment and rehabilitation of oral cancer patients.

In addition to the NOROC study, the Tumor Biology Research Group has a project on the role of the extracellular matrix protein Nephronectin in metastases of breast cancer, as well as projects on the regulation of certain proteolytic enzymes in homoeostasis and disease. You can find more information about the specific projects under “Projects” heading.

The group consists of scientists with a wide range of expertise and research experience, including pathologists, dentists, head- and neck surgeons, molecular biologists and biochemists.  The group's complementary expertise is beneficial to many of the group's research projects.

The research group also enjoys a close cooperation with other research groups both at home and abroad.