Arctic Biodiscovery Centre

The Arctic Biodiscovery Centre is a transnational discovery centre linking academia and industry.The Centre unify experiense, infrastructure and unique biological materia from majon Norwegian Public Research institutions to promote commercilization of Natural Products from Arctic biodiversity.

National marine biobank

Natures's tremendous biodiversity in the Arctic sea is collected, characterized and offered to Public and private partners through the National Marine Biobank - Marbank. Cruices are perfomed twice a year to collect New material and replenish interesting organisms.

Biodiversity pipeline

The Arctic Biodiscovery Centre has been a Norwegian Centre of Excellence in translatonal drug discovery since 2007. A Complete drug discovery pipeline enables high-throughput screening of Arctic biodiversity against novel drug targets.

Core Competencies


Preclinical drug discovery using unique biologial Arcitc Resources to Discover novel Natural Products as basis for lead compunds.


Discover enzymes/proteins With New Properties from the broad Arctic Genetic diversity. 


Collaborate with Arctic Biodiscovery Centre to tap into Natures toolbox. Arctic Biodiscovery Centre collaborate with academia and private industry in a shared risk-shared reward model to bring innovative projects to market. Arctic Biodiscovery Centre aim to take projects from promising early stage basic discoveries to validated proof-of-concept projects that meet the standards of the industry.

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