Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacoepidemiology (IPSUM)

The research group's focus is to promote the correct use of medicines in individual patients and society as a whole. 

IPSUM Research Group September 2019. Members missing: Kjell H. Halvorsen, Kristian Svendsen, Kjerstin Havnes and 7 master students. Photo: Fabrizio Clarelli

By combining pure pharmacoepidemiological research with the development of methodology for DRPs identification and practice-research, we focus both on the identification of suboptimal use of medicines, and on testing interdisciplinary work structures. 

The research group in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacoepidemiology (IPSUM) has identified suboptimal use of drugs at the patient and community level throughout the following research outcomes:
• Antibiotics, not prescribed according to hospital guidelines, constitutes a major problem with regard to resistance development.
• Many drugs are improperly prescribed to the elderly population.
• A large proportion of patients with coronary artery disease do not achieve the goals set by the medical treatment.
• Approximately 80% of drug lists by investigating departments in hospitals is not correct.
• Drug-related problems occur frequently.
• The quality of discharge information from the hospitals is lower than desirable.
• Dietary supplements seem to be used more frequently in those who may not need it.