IR, Spectroscopy, and Numerical Modelling Research Group

The members of the IR, Spectroscopy, and Numerical Modelling Research Group are conducting research at an international level.
The activity of the group covers the fields of Infrared Imaging, spectroscopy and numerical modelling.

The infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum has recently received a growing attention both in research communities and in the society. This is mainly due to the advances in sensor technology and growing demands from a technological driven society. Infrared covers a much larger part of the spectrum than the visual, parts where natural objects both reflect and emit. Thus, we expect the interest for infrared technology, both scientific and commercial, will continue to grow in coming years.

The visible and UV part of the electromagnetic spectrum is already of great interest as signatures in the spectrum tells a great deal about the atmospheres constituents with respect to pollution, greenhouse gases, water vapor and ozone. We expect infrared measurements to add considerably to our ability in monitoring the atmospheric parameters remotely. 

Infrared imaging and spectroscopy technique has a significant potential in clinical medicine, minerals search, gas leak detection, pollution surveillance, characterizing of ice/snow/vegetation, etc.
In all of the above cases, analyses of the data and modelling of the phenomenon is of great importance in order to understand the physics. It will also help in evaluating the possible applications on the topic.