Professions and welfare society (ProVel)

As one of the four research groups at the Institute of Child Welfare and Social Work (IBSA), ProVels overarching aim is the development of research based knowledge about the challenges facing the Norwegian welfare society, and the contribution of professional social work and child welfare services to meet these challenges.

Established in 2015 ProVel aims to become a professional arena for:

  • developing and conducting research on a high scientific level
  • developing solid professional networks together with other research groups, with regional, national and international research organizations, and stakeholders in welfare administration and care
  • increasing publishing activity of members
  • working strategically for acquiring external funding
  • creating meeting places between academic staff, PhD- and master students affiliated with IBSA
  • contributing to consolidate professional social work identity and the contributions of professional social work to meet tomorrows challenges for welfare societies in general and the Norwegian welfare society in particular.

ProVel will be a driving force and the natural focus point for activities at university, faculty and institute level for interlinked activities of education and research at UiT and the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV).

ProVel has its academic focus on challenges for the modern welfare society and social work, with special emphasis on needs and resources in Northern Norway.

About ProVel

The research group is part of the Department for Child Welfare and Social Work at the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education,.

Head of ProVel: