Sustainable Marketing (SUM)

We are a group of researchers from economics, strategy and marketing disciplines at The School of Business and Economics, taking interest in a range of research topics such as firms’ activities to develop the market and consumer preferences and behavior. Also, our research includes sustainability marketing research with the goal of contributing to theory development as well as practical guidance to managers and consumers. Sustainability is an emerging field within marketing, due to the increasing pressure on firms – from consumers and various stakeholders – to incorporate practices demonstrating sustainability marketing commitment.

The group members are involved in research carried out in the domestic market, an in international markets such as India, China, and Vietnam. Our current research projects include firms from various industries such as seafood, tourism, agriculture, and machinery. The objective of our research is not only to contribute to theory development, but also to contribute to new insights relevant for marketers, managers, consumers, analysts, and policy-makers. Through our research, we participate in a diverse range of debates going on in the industry and the literature in which our research is rooted – as expressed by the topics listed below. We publish our research in recognized journals, supervise master- and PhD-students, and collaborate with partners in Norway and other countries.


Research topics:

-          Developing business in cross-cultural contexts

-          Product adaptations in emerging markets

-          Retailing/Distribution (structure and behavior)

-          Consumer choice and behavior

-          Market segmentation and targeting strategies

-          Corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication

-          Understanding sustainable consumer behavior

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Research group leader: Associate Professor Gro Alteren

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