Research on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability (REIS)

The REIS group is composed by researchers and PhD students interested in topics concerning entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. The research problems addressed by the REIS group are the responsible role of private and public organisations in today’s economy.  In particular, sustainability-related challenges are investigated.

Among the theoretical perspectives adopted by the REIS group are: institutional theory, practice-based theory, network theory, responsible innovation and sustainability theories. Various empirical contexts are investigated, such as Higher Education Institutes, e-health sector, the minerals industry, the oil and gas industry, the creative industries, and the hospitality and tourism industry.

The REIS group collaborates with researchers from other universities, including University of Stavanger (Norway), University of Cagliari, University of di Macerata, University San Raffaele-Rome (Italy), Dundalk University of Technology, University of Sheffield, Said Business School (UK), University of Hartford (USA), and University of Ottawa (Canada).


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