Professions and professional operational space in Child Welfare and Protection Services

Professions and professional operational space in Child Welfare and Protection Services.

The research group ‘Professions and professional operational space in Child Welfare and Protection Services’
were officially established in spring 2016, as one of four research groups at the Institute for Child Protection and Social Work (IBSA).
Members Jon ArnesenAgnete Bersvendsen (sekundær)Grethe BorgerødTina HansenAnne-Berit LorentsenRobert MyrvangAnne-Marith RasmussenRita Øymo Solbakk Margrethe TresseltKristina Lofnes Anne RiiseMarie NordvikBodil Olsvik Leader: Bente L. Lind Kassah

The main goal of the research group is to develop knowledge of the challenges facing Child Welfare and Protection Services in welfare states. The goal is also to acquire knowledge on how Professionals working in Child Welfare and protection services meet the challenges. The focus will be on how Child Welfare and Protection Services live up to their social responsibilities and the challenges related to work tasks, organizations, leadership, and work environments. The situation of children and youth who need and acquire professional support will constitute an integral part of the research activities. Both internal and external actors define the operational space of Child Welfare and Protection Services, and this adds to the complexity of the context. The concept ‘operational space’ alludes to structure and process, and provides room for the dynamic relation between structure and action in research. The emphasis is on practice-oriented research and the multidisciplinary nature of the group makes room for the employment of different perspectives in the research.The research group will function as an arena for:

- The development of research project- Development of national and international network- Cooperation with other research groups- Work for increased external research financing- Increase publications that attract credit points- Cooperate with masters student, fellowships and academic sta- Presentation of works in progress- Competence buildin- Direct focus on Research based teaching


  Leader: Bente Lilljan Lind Kassah