Building, Energy and Material technology Research Group (BEaM)

The group conducts applied research in interdisciplinary themes of building, energy and material to develop technologies that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Our research strengths are in construction technologies and renovation of buildings, renewable energy technologies including bio energy, hydrogen and fuel cells and building materials especially for cold climate and the Arctic conditions.

IB - test room

Our overall goal is to contribute to sustainable development of the region and the northern areas.  We deliver national and international level engineering competence to the industry, and we have a strong relationship to the companies in the region.

The researchers in the group contribute in fundamental areas of fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer, structural mathematical modelling and applied areas.

Laboratory services and contract research for the industry. Some examples are material testing and classification, thermography, air tightness measurements, acoustical analyses, tracer gas measurements, indoor environment investigations.


Lab Facilities

BEaM group has access to a range of well-equipped laboratories and facilities such as: 

  • Concrete and Material testing lab
  • Structural testing
  • Geo-lab
  • Mining and mineralogy  
    Our facilities includes three wind tunnels which allow research staff and undergraduate students to validate computer simulation models. 
  • Land surveying lab
  • Environmental Chamber
  • Wind tunnels


Instituttleder, professor Bjørn Reidar Sørensen

Leder av forskningsgruppen, professor Rajnish Kaur Calay