Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

The research group studies the effects of drugs (medicines) in the body (pharmacodynamics) and how the body handles drugs (pharmacokinetics).

The projects comprise translational research in the broadest sense wherein approaches in silicoin vitroex vivo and in vivo are linked. The studies in silico includes advanced computer technology for identification of substances as potential drugs and uncover their molecular active sites within the cells. The in vitro research (biochemical pharmacology) has lately been focused on subcellular proteins such as enzymes like cyclic nucleotide phosphpdiesterase 5 (PDE5) and ABC-transporters (such as ABCB1 (P-gp), ABCC4 (MRP4) and ABCC5 (MRP5) and SLC-transporters such as SLC22A7 (OAT2). Studies ex vivo include how new drug-like compounds have effects on human normal and cancer cell lines, including growth modulation and gene expression. Finally, the  research group conducts in vivo studies in healthy and diseased people. At present the focus is on lactating mothers and their children and drug side effects in elderly patients.

Group leader:

Vivian Berg, Associate professor, Ph.D.

Group members:

Erik Sveberg Dietrichs 

Aina Westrheim Ravna

Vivian Berg 

Georg Sager

Ole-Martin Fuskevåg

Natalia Smaglyukova

Roy Lysaa

Siri Amundsen 

Lena Aronsen

Giovanni Allaoui 

Adrina Kalasho