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Dental Public Health and Behaviour

The research group conducts research within the fields of dental public health and behavioural dentistry. The group emphasizes multidisciplinary and applied research that might directly influence clinical practice as well as student teaching and activities. 


The main goals of the research group are summarized as follows:

  • Increase evidence-based knowledge concerning oral health status and oral health behavior
  • Strengthen initiatives in North Norway regarding oral health promotion and preventive oral health
  • Track the development of the Norwegian dental healthcare services, with particular focus on North Norway and the Barents region, and in comparison with other European countries.

In order to reach the goals the research group has activities and projects spanning many topics related to dental public health and behavioural dentistry, these include:

  • Studies of dental health status in the population
  • Studies of different dental health service models
  • Oral health literacy
  • Dental fear and anxiety / dental phobia
  • Stress, emotion and pain perception
  • Studies related to vulnerable groups; e.g., the elderly, children at risk for abuse and neglect, adult survivors of trauma

The group includes members from the Department of Clinical Dentistry at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, The Dental Competence Centre for North Norway (TkNN), the University Dental Clinic (UTK), and the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Oslo. 

Department of Clinical Dentistry

Leader of research group:
Jan-Are Kolset Johnsen