Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is a collaborative research project between Norway, Russia and the UK, aiming to expand our knowledge of CVD etiolology and to develop and implement preventive strategies.

Mortality from cardiovascular disease (CVD) in Russia is 4-5 times higher than in Norway at present. The high rate of premature mortality puts a substantial burden on Russian health care, economy, and families. Classic CVD risk factors do not explain the observed differences in mortality.

The Heart to Heart project involves comparative investigations of the Tromsø 7 survey  (2015-16) and similar ongoing surveys in Novosibirsk and Arkangelsk that are separately funded as part of the International Project on Cardiovascular disease in Russia (IPCDR) led from the UK. The core objective of Heart to Heart is to quantify the likely contribution of different cardiovascular abnormalities and associated risk factors in explaining the huge difference in cardiovascular mortality between Russia and Norway. This project is unique in collecting in depth contemporary biomedical data that are designed to be comparable.

The international collaboration between The Cardiovascular Disease in Russia Study (Узнай своё сердце) and The Tromsø Study in Northern Norway. Photo: Stina Grønbech and Ekaterina Kargopolova


Heart to Heart symposium

Major new insights into health differences between Norway and Russia. Join us for an exciting two day symposium!



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