Advanced Microscopy Core Facility (AMCF)

or (in norwegian:) Kjernefasiliteten for Avansert Mikroskopi (KAM)
You can visit us on level 9 in of the MH2-building (or MH west).


The AMCF platform provides several advanced light- and electron microscopes suitable for routine applications as well as specialized methods. The platform also provides users with access to licensed software for object-based image quantitation (Volocity) and deconvolution (Huygens).

Other instruments include a Biostation for timelapse imaging of cultured cells and a zoom microscope for imaging in model organisms (e.g. zebra fish). 

The Electron microscope (EM) machine park consists of 2 TEM- and 2 state of the art SEM-electron microscopes. Further more the EM section has a  considerable instrument park to prepare specimens for the electron microscopes.

In addition the platform provides flow cytometry (LSR Fortessa with 4 lasers) and cell sorting facilities (FACS Aria 3 with 4 lasers.

AMCF  hosts every second year a Correlative Light/Electron Microscopy (CLEM) PhD course (MBI-8003), as part of the MedIm national research school.

The core facility has a staff of specialists using the instruments in range of techniques and methods. We offer technical assistans if needed.


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