The "Fish immunology and vaccinology day"

As previous years, we have had the "Fish immunology and vaccinology day" at the university campus. It is nice to have a closer look at the good science presented from master students and professors. This year, Ole K. Tollersrud joined the day with his invited talk - how glycoproteins find their ways in the cells and out from the cells. The day ended with a social gathering.


Kjersti Julin - ny PhD!

Kjersti Julin forsvarte 6. februar avhandlingen "Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNV) - Persistent infections, virulence and antiviral defence" på en meget solid måte. Alle gratulerer! Avhandlingen kan lastes ned her.


Mehrdad Sobhkhez - ny PhD!

Vi gratulerer Mehrdad med glimrende gjennomført forsvar av avhandlingen " Studies of JAK/STAT signaling in Atlantic salmon". Avhandlingen kan lastes ned her.


Silje Lauksund - ny PhD!

Silje Lauksund forsvarte på en super måte avhandlingen "Induction of Atlantic salmon type I interferon and antagonism by infectious pancreatic necrosis virus" den 8. april 2014. Vi gratulerer så mye.


Terje Ellingsen - ny PhD!

Terje Ellingsen forsvarte 21. mars 2014 avhandlingen "Immune responses in Atlantic cod
- with emphasis on antibody responses to bacterial and model antigens" på glimrende måte. Vi gratulerer Terje med tittelen PhD.


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