A major part of our work takes place within the framework of time limited projects, many of them externally funded and with strange acronyms. Below you can an overview of the ongoing and recently finished projects in which researchers, PhD and MSc students from our research group are involved in. 


Current projects


Previous projects

  • Sens2Change (2018) Sensitivity of polar cod early life stages to a changing Arctic: A study of the impact of petroleum and warming.
  • Nordic-russian centre for research and innovation in aquaculture (2016-2017, S. Peruzzi).

  • BAMSE (2014-2017) - Norway/Russia bilateral student exchange and joint course programme

  • FUNGUT (2014-2016) - Functional ontogeny and physiology of the digestive system in juvenile diploid and triploid Atlantic salmon (s. Peruzzi)

  • ANIMIDA III (2014-2016) Arctic Nearshore Impact Monitoring in Development Area

  • GreenAcid (2014) - Quantification of bile acid in polar cod

  • CarbonBridge (2013-2016) Impact of Atlantic water inflow on productivity and carbon cycling

  • FJORDKALK (2013-2016) - Effects of calcium oxide on sea urchin wastelands (Video)

  • Marine Night - (2013-2016) Arctic biodiversity and activity during the polar night

  • COOPENOR (2013-2015) - Effects of petroleum and environment on Arctic bivalves

  • POLARISATION (2012-2015) Polar cod, lipid metabolism and effects of PAHs

  • CircA (2012-2015) - Detecting circadian rythms in Arctic zooplankton during the polar night

  • GrønBille (2012-2015) - Intercalibration of hydrographic data Norway/Russia

  • CONFLUX (2010-2012) - Fate of organic material in the ocean

  • ATP (2009-2012) - Identify tipping points of Arctic marine ecosystems

  • EPIGRAPH (2008-20XX) - Changes of the ecosystem in Hardanger- and Porsangerfjorden

  • iAOOS (2007-2008) – International Arctic Ocean observatory system

  • ArtAktiv; studentaktiv læring av marine arter gjennom bruk av ny teknologi (2017-2018), Svensen, Bluhm, Seuthe, Gradinger

  • Pelagic ecosystems in ice-covered and ice-free fjords under climate change (2012-2014)

  • Panarctic connectivity of zooplankton populations: the case of Pseudocalanus (2017)