The HPDS group is involved in the following projects:

Display Wall (Visningsvegg med beregningsklynge av datamaskiner)
PyCSP (Bring CSP to Python)
Distributed Arctic Observatory


The HPDS group has been involved in several previous projects:

Project title
Year Project leaders

Distributed and Parallel Robot Systems

2001 - 2004

Otto Anshus,
John Markus Bjørndalen

Efficient Synchronization Algorithms for Multicore Computing

2006 - 2009

Otto Anshus, Phuong Ha

EventSpace - Instrumenting, Monitoring, and Visualizing Parallel Applications


Otto Anshus,
John Markus Bjørndalen



Otto Anshus

SHARE (A Distributed Shared Virtual Desktop) 2004 - 2008

Otto Anshus

PastSet - Structured Distributed Shared Memory System


Otto Anshus

PATHS - Reconfiguration of parallel applications


John Markus Bjørndalen,
Otto Anshus