The ODS group is involved in the following projects:

CAIM (Context-Aware Image Management)
Collaborative Editing (link is coming)
HealthTrust (link is coming)
NUDGE (link is coming)
NFC City (Near Field Communication City)

The ODS group has been involved in several previous projects:

Project title
Year Project leaders

AdTrans - Advanced Transaction Management

1990 - 2004

Randi Karlsen

Arctic Beans

2002 - 2005

Gordon Blair, Anders Andersen

CPM (Continuation-Passing Messaging for Distributed Services Orchestration)

2006 - 2010

Weihai Yu


FLIPS- Flexible Integration Platforms for Networked Information Systems


Randi Karlsen,
Weihai Yu

IIS - Interoperable Information Systems


Randi Karlsen, Weihai Yu,
Frank Eliassen







Anders Andersen


1995 - 2007

Tage Stabell-Kulø

PENNE Anders Andersen

QuA - Quality of Service Aware Component Architecture

2003 - 2006

Anders Andersen

RobAcc/ EIAO - European Internet Accessibility Observatory

2005 - 2006

Øyvind Hanssen, Gunnar Hartvigsen, Randi Karlsen

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