Research projects

Ongoing projects:


  • Anesthesia Project: A Norwegian Civil-Military Project in Afghanistan
    The following project consists of an evaluation of a civil-military project carried out by Norwegian military medical personnel and medical personnel in select hospitals in Afghanistan, where Afghan medical personnel are trained in the practice of anesthesiology. The purpose of the project is to evaluate the efficacy of one civil-military project that has taken place in Afghanistan during the ISAF operation.

  • PLAN

Completed Projects:

  • IPY GAPS: The Impacts of Oil and Gas Activity on Peoples of the Arctic Using a Multiple Securities Perspective
    GAPS examined the ways in which we understand security and insecurity in a traditionally non-conflict zone, but where insecurities may nevertheless be present. This project focused on multiple actors who are influenced by or influencing the development of the oil and gas industry in Arctic states. The project is an international cooperation between Norway, Canada and Russia, and uses multidisciplinary approaches (political science, ecology, ecotoxicology, anthropology, physiology) to examine the relationships between people/communities, governments, and oil and gas development. This project is in its completion phases, with one PhD project forthcoming.

  • CIMIC Requirements and Education in Norway (CREN)
    Evaluating Norwegian policy, practices and attitudes towards civil-military interaction in general and the CIMIC (Civil-Military Interaction) function in particular. The project is based upon interviews (in Norway, Afghanistan, and many NATO member countries) and document analysis, combining security theories and notions of responsibility to the practices of military operators on the ground during operations. Report here.