Master Projects available


In the Table is an updated list of master thesis subjects given by our research group. For more information, please contact the main supervisor(s).



Main Supervisor(s)

Application deadline if any

Starting date, if any

Effects of parental exposure to petroleum on fertilization success and embryo development in Atlantic cod (PARENTox) Jasmine Nahrgang (UiT)  February 2019  experiments start i February.

Marine mammal ecotoxicology

Anita Evenset (APN/UiT), Pierre Blévin


Ulf Lindström (HI/UiT), Martin Biuw (IMR), 

Andrew Lowther (NP)



Phenology of small copepods from North-Norwegian fjords

F. Norrbin



Environmental gradients in carbon content of dominant benthic and pelagic fauna from northern Norway and the northern Barents Sea

T. Pedersen, B. Bluhm



Development in catch and CPUE of Pandalus borealis in some fjords in troms

Einar M. Nilssen, 



Lipids in high Arctic copepods determined from in situ images collected with a Video Plankton Recorder.

F. Norrbin



Ostracods in North Norwegian fjords and coastal waters – muligens også Grønland.

F. Norrbin 2019