Prospective students


Prospective bachelor students

If you are interested in writing your bachelor thesis within AMSE, we recommend that you first narrow down your search to some specific topics that you would want to write about. Once you have identified potentially relevant supervisors, contact them directly to enquire about possibilities. 

Most bachelor theses are literature-based and the topics are agreed upon between the student and their UiT supervisor (of their choosing) and tailored to the student’s scientific interests. When contacting AMSE members, remember to mention your deadline, needs, wishes and availability.  

Prospective master students

In the Table is an updated list of master thesis subjects given by our research group. For more information, please contact the main supervisor(s). UiT master students can also check out available master projects under Teams 0365-AMB Master students.


Title Main Supervisor(s) Study period
Starting date, if any

Diversity and abundance of gelatinous zooplankton in the northern Barents Sea. See attached Word document (top right corner of this page for further details)

Camilla Svensen (UiT) 2021-2022 Autumn 2021