Migration and behavior of aquatic animals

Northern Norway has some of the most sustainable populations of Atlantic salmon, sea trout and anadromous Arctic charr, the latter being unique for Northern Norway and Svalbard. Studies of these species are a priority area in the group, which has a strong competence on anadromous fishes. A main focus is therefore on migration and behavior studies of salmon, charr and trout in both fresh- and saltwater environments, but we are also strongly involved migration and behavior of larger aquatic animals, including Atlantic halibut and large whales. We have invested extensively in advanced telemetry equipment for electronic tracking of aquatic animals. With this equipment we can track both fish and other large aquatic organisms with use of radio tags, acoustic tags, data storage tags, pop-up satellite tags or PIT-tags. These tags provide information on the location of the individual animal over time and/or how different environmental factors influence their behavior under water; either in the open ocean, the fjords, rivers or lakes. At present, the main activity is in northern Norway, but we also have had or has activity in southern Norway, Canada, Alaska, the Pacific Ocean, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Greenland. Most of the activity is included in the SALMOTRACK project which is coordinated by scientists in the Freshwater group.

Contact person: Audun Rikardsen