Methane oxidizing microbial communities in open-system pingo methane seeps

Open system pingos are permafrost features found in the Arctic, many of which are outlets for sub-permafrost groundwater that can carry substantial amounts of methane (CH4). We study the microorganisms in this water and the surrounding surface area to identify how the CHwas produced and the capacity of aerobic and anaerobic CHoxidizing microorganisms for consuming the CH4.


The Lagoon pingo - winter vs. summer sampling


Further reading:

Hodson et al. 2019. Seasonal Dynamics of Methane and Carbon Dioxide Evasion From an Open System Pingo: Lagoon Pingo, Svalbard. Frontiers in Earth Science

Hodson et al. 2020. Open system pingos as hotspots for sub-permafrost methane emission in Svalbard. preprint



Tilman JS. Schmider (PhD candidate)



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Mud everywhere - read the cruise blog on the sampling adventure of Dimitri, Alex, and Tilman, September 2020, Svalbard. Foto: Dimitri Kalenitchenko
River Bed Pingo, September 2020. Foto: Dimitri Kalenitchenko
The pingo crew (Alex, Franziska, Dimitri, Pernille, and Tilman). Summer 2019