COAT (Climate ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra)

COAT (Climate ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra) represents the main priority for the research group and has the potential to federate and expand on much of the present activities. The scientific approach of the Observatory is ecosystem-based, and aims at understanding how climate change impacts the key trophic interactions driving the dynamics of the tundra ecosystems (including the ecotones that determine their extents) and how adaptive management can help maintain ecosystem services and arctic biodiversity of conservation concern. Study areas cover NE Norway and Nordenskjold land, Svalbard, with additional areas planned in Arctic Russia. COAT includes also a social-ecological perspective, and involves a large number of researchers from other institutions of the FRAM centre (NINA, NPI, UNIS) where it is the major initiative in the Terrestrial flagship program. Beyond its tight connection with Russia, COAT collaborates extensively with other long-term research tundra research programs in Canada and Greenland.

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Photo: Leif Einar Støvern

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