Besides teaching activities that develop the topics of northern ecosystem structure, dynamics and management at the Bachelor and Master levels, our group is in charge of a Research School, AMINOR (Advanced Environmental Research in the North). This research school aims at better integrating monitoring, research and management through the establishment of courses, research seminars and workshops.

Our group will aim at using computer technology to improve the quality of our courses and to develop on-line teaching material that could be used for flexible learning or on-line interactive courses. This strategy will require incentives and competence building for developing teaching material in cooperation with RESULT.

Courses and teaching activities:

  • BIO-1005 - Økologi og evolusjon
  • BIO-1103 - Biologisk mangfold I
  • BIO-2003 - Fra individ til økosystem
  • BIO-2004 - Studiedesign og dataanalyse I
  • BIO-2006 - Plants and ecosystems
  • BIO-2007 - Ecosystem management
  • BIO-2103 - Evolusjon og adferd
  • BIO-3004 - Ecosystem management II
  • BIO-3012 - Study design and data analysis in Biology II (Master)
  • BIO-3013 - Northern food web ecology (Master)
  • BIO-3016 - Arctic-Alpine Terrestrial Plant Ecology (Master)
  • BIO-3111 - GIS and remote sensing (Master)
  • BIO-8006 - Environmental systems: integrating monitoring, research and management
  • BIO-8016 - Northern food web ecology (PhD)
  • BIO-8102 - GIS and remote sensing (PhD)
  • BIO-8105 - Study design and data analysis in Biology II (PhD)