About the Research Group

The Psychiatry Research Group (formerly the Department of Clinical Psychiatry) was established in 2002 as part of the Department of Clinical Medicine. Its purpose is to strengthen the presence and collaboration with the university psychiatric clinic in the University Hospital of North Norway (UNN).

The group consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and some social scientists. Additionally, the group has a half-time consultant.


The group’s tasks and activities

• Teaching psychiatry to medical students and other student groups at UiT.
• Research, supervision and training of new researchers, and the commuication of research findings.
• International collaboration (Russia, Italy, England)  


The group's focus

• Health Services Research and Psychiatric Epidemiology
• Clinical Health Psychology
• Transcultural Psychiatry
• Mental distress connected to season / biorhythms

Clinical Health Psychology

The research leader Tore Sørlie is also head of the clinical health psychology network at the University Hospital of North Norway / UiT. This network received financial support from the Northern Norwegian Regional Health Authority for the period 2010-2013. Courtesy of these funds two annual professional seminars are arranged that are open to interested researchers and clinicians. Link